Water Quality Monitoring

Global GIS Bathymetry Package

Water Quality Monitoring Diffuse Attenuation Coefficient output, indicated levels of turbidity


TCarta offers a competitive Water Quality Monitoring service at varying intervals and resolutions to suit your need. The data is provided in daily report format, or alternatively in a web GIS for easy access and data querying.



Satellite imagery can be utilized to track the quality of inland or offshore water quality conditions at varying time intervals. TCarta provides a Water Quality Monitoring (WQM) service that is built upon a variety of different source satellite imagery.

Satellite based Water Quality Monitoring can benefit the following applications:

  • Monitoring dredging activities and sediment plumes
  • Establishing secchi depth by monitoring turbidity which can affect phytoplankton population
  • Detecting nutrient upwellings to inform the potential of algal bloom development that can impact on human and aquatic health
  • Detecting change in temperature that may affect coral and other habitats
  • Establishing trends in sea conditions using historical imagery for Environmental Impact Assessment

NOAA’s Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) and Medium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (MERIS) imagery is acquired, calibrated and processed on a daily basis to provide an early warning system to identify harmful algal blooms and other water quality anomalies over large areas. Where a more focused, higher detail solution is required, Landsat imagery is deployed every 16 days.

TCarta can detect the following parameters as indicated below:

Water Quality Parameters table

Item Description Units of measurement Interval
Suspended Matter High concentrations of sediment mg/l Daily or every 16 days
Chlorophyll-a Concentration Indication of phytoplankton μg/l Daily or every 16 days
Diffuse Attenuation Coefficient Indication of turbidity m-1 Daily or every 16 days
Sea Surface Temperature Sea temperature at time of image collection Degrees Celsius Daily
Normalized Fluorescence Line Height High chlorophyll that could indicate algal blooms mW cm-2 μm-1 sr-1 Daily