Topographic Bathymetry

Topographic Bathymetry Model, Mayotte, Indian Ocean


The TCarta Topographic Bathymetry Model product combines land-based Digital Elevation Model (DEM) with our Digital Bathymetry Model (DBM) data to create a seamless 3D elevation model.



The land water boundary has traditionally been a difficult zone to map and an important zone of economic activity around the globe. On-site surveys can be extremely costly and have associated health and safety risks. In addition, public data sources are scarce and low resolution. TCarta′s unique approach to combining marine and terrain elevation data provides clients with high-quality data to bridge the gap.

Topographic Bathymetry Model, Norway


Existing available topographic or bathymetric models provide little detail for the nearshore environment and rarely share a common shoreline. However, the TCarta Topographic Bathymetry Model adds detailed seabed information and a harmonized shoreline to provide better quality data for storm surge analysis, tsunami wave propagation modeling, and engineering planning, among many other applications.

Differences in vertical datums are accounted for by tidally adjusting the bathymetry values and assimilating the vertical datum of the marine-based data with the land-based elevation into a harmonized reference system, typically to EGM2008 or Mean Sea Level equivalent.

From water to land, the Topographic Bathymetry product provides valuable insight for modeling coastal environments and a single source for coastal elevation data.

Global Topographic Bathymetry

TCarta utilizes Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) or best available onshore DTM/DEM data combined with TCarta′s Global Shoreline Vector and global bathymetry data to create the Global Topographic Bathymetry product.

The zero contour and TCarta′s extensive bathymetry database generates a uniform topographic bathymetry model with a harmonized vertical reference. With near global coverage, TCarta′s Topographic Bathymetry products provide an alternative to coarse public domain topo bathymetric data models, resulting in better analysis and insight into your work.

High Resolution Topographic Bathymetry

TCarta utilizes Satellite Derived Bathymetry for water depths and creates custom Topographic Bathymetry models at higher resolutions for localized areas where high definition representation of the seabed is an important requirement.

Onshore elevations can be sourced from stereo satellite imagery or third party data integrations to provide the best-available and most suitable data for a particular application. With 30m resolution data available for regional locations around the world, and up to 2m resolution Satellite Derived Bathymetry and 1m resolution DEM available for localized areas, TCarta can provide a highly accurate Topographic Bathymetry product without the need to mobilize an aircraft or boat.


Topographic Bathymetry Model, Cook Strait, New Zealand

  • Storm surge modeling
  • Tsunami wave modeling
  • Risk modeling
  • Coastal Zone management
  • Pipeline/Cable Route planning & cost analysis
  • Virtual Reality Applications