Vector Shoreline

Vector Shoreline, Bahamas Bank


TCarta has made the world′s most dynamic environments easier to monitor and manage with the introduction of its new Global, National and Local Vector Shoreline Products.



Vector Shoreline products have a wide range of applications, currently being used in large-area Hazard Planning, Ocean & Tidal modelling, as well as Climate Change modelling.

TCarta Shoreline products offer varying levels of detail, allowing clients to select the appropriate data-set for their own unique applications. National and Local Vector Shoreline offers customers an increased analysis capacity. In addition to traditional shoreline mapping products, TCarta generates advanced remote-sensing outputs. This capability facilitates coastal zone management and environmental monitoring projects.

Global Vector Shoreline

Global Vector Shoreline is available for the entire world's shoreline. The product is provided at 1:60,000 mapscale.

Global Vector Shoreline, Borneo


National Vector Shoreline

National Vector Shoreline is provided at 1:20,000 mapscale.

National Vector Shoreline products extend far beyond traditional geospatial products. TCarta offers powerful shoreline monitoring and analysis, capable of identifying coastal infrastructure change, erosion rates, and establishing future at-risk areas.

Shoreline monitoring can be conducted on a continual basis, with new data captured every six days. This provides clients with the most current data available, greatly enhancing decision making and planning opportunities.

National Vector Shoreline, Belize


Local Vector Shoreline

Local Vector Shoreline is provided at 1:2,000 mapscale

The TCarta Local Vector Shoreline data is created upon request for specific areas. The 1:2,000 scale vectors are generated from top-quality DigitalGlobe Worldview satellite imagery. This high-resolution solution is offered for customers seeking data tailored to their industry-specific applications. Even in the murky waters of the Gulf Coast intertidal zones and wetlands, these techniques yield detailed shoreline vectors.

Local Vector Shoreline, Louisiana