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TCarta Marine offers a range of marine geospatial products and streaming data services for every part of the world, from the coast to the continental shelf and beyond for a wide range of applications.   From robust GIS data for analysis and geospatial modeling, to visualization in Google Earth or freely available viewers on our website, TCarta Marine delivers a products and services that can be easily integrated into your GIS/CAD programs, improve your workflow, and solve your marine data and visualization needs.

Click on the links to learn more about out Marine Geospatial Products.

 Interpolated Bathymetric GIS Package

Bahamas, Bathymetry

3″ Interpolated Bathymetry

The Interpolated 3 arc-second (~90m) Bathymetric Model (IBM) data package provides a good general illustration of the sea floor along the continental shelf. The Interpolated Bathymetric GIS package is perfect for when you need data over a large area for planning purposes and large-scale analysis and publicly available data is not sufficiently detailed for your project.  The data package is especially useful for planning more detailed hydro-acoustic surveys, geological analysis, site and route planning, and broad environmental surveys.  It provide a low cost alternative to ETOPO or GEBCO bathymetry and is available as an ftp data delivery and streaming subscription service (WCS).

Landsat Derived Coastal Bathymetry

For coastal and shallow water areas where conditions permit,  Landsat Derived Bathymetry provides 30m resolution bathymetry grids, 1m contour lines, and a high resolution shoreline.  If your project needs up to date data for nearshore and coastal modeling, this is the product for you. Many areas are immediately available as well as on-demand processing and data is available as an ftp delivery.

Multibeam Bathymetry

United Kingdom Bathymetry, Hillswick shoal

2m Multibeam Bathymetry

With over 3 million sq km of data coverage immediately available in U.S., European, Australian, New Zealand waters among other areas throughout the world, the Multibeam Bathymetry product provides accuracy at +-1% of true depth.  Data resolution is between 30m and 1m and is available in numerous formats for easy incorporation into your marine workflows for more involved projects.    The data package is available as a streaming web service and ftp delivery.  If your project requires absolute measurement of the seabed, the Multibeam Bathymetry Model is the product for you.   Custom data processing and collection is available on demand.

Marine Basemaps

marine, basemap, san francisco

Marine Basemap – San Francisco Bay

Designed to be the most detailed globally available marine thematic map available and delivered in a wide variety of formats and softwares including a freely available Webmap, the Marine Basemap is your choice if you are in need of an aesthetically pleasing basemap for GIS software, mobile application, GPS and site location, or generally curious about marine geography.

Shoreline Mapping

global shoreline, GIS

1:60,000 Global Vector Shoreline

The 1:60,000 scale Global Vector Shoreline (GVS) provides the most detailed global coastline data set available; nothing comes close to it in terms of accuracy, which includes over two million linear km of coastline, more than 400,000 islands, and thousands of rivers and streams that empty into the oceans. If you need better shorelines than public data provides that are attributed and easy to work with, the GVS will provide the best solution for you. Data is available as polylines and polygons on a global, continent, or country basis as a single purchase or streaming service.  More detailed, up to 1:1,000 scale shorelines are available as well as shoreline change detection.

Marine KMLs, GeoPDFs, Printed Maps, and Other Services

Bathymetry data viewed in Google Earth

Bathymetry data viewed in Google Earth

If you are looking for a simple, non-specialized software solution for visualizing the marine environment, our data can be provided as Google Earth .kml files for easy use in Google Earth.  This is a great solution for commercial and sport fishing, students, and many others who want to make situational maps in Google Earth.

Sometimes all you want is an attractive map for putting on your wall, plotting your route on a smartphone, or any other light applications for viewing marine maps.  Please contact us for specialized maps for your walls, offices, and devices.