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TCM welcomes you to our website. Our site gives you access to many sample data downloads, as well as thorough explanations of our various product offerings, current projects, and news related to the many uses for bathymetric data. Be sure to check out the TC Marine News for news about marine exploration.
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Global GIS Bathymetry Package

The Interpolated Global Bathymetry GIS package is perfect for when you need data over a large area for planning purposes and large-scale analysis and publicly available data is not sufficiently detailed for your project.

TCarta Marine Basemap

The TCarta Marine Basemap is your choice if you are in need of an aesthetically pleasing basemap for GIS software. Designed to be the most detailed globally available marine thematic map available and delivered in a wide variety of formats and software.

Satellite Derived Bathymetry

An new off the shelf shallow water satellite derived bathymetry product removes the requirement of costly site visits, and has no environmental impact. Immediately accessible from your desktop, without leaving the office.

Vector Shoreline

The world’s most dynamic environments are now easier to monitor and manage with the introduction of Global, National and Local Vector Shoreline Products. All levels of Vector Shoreline are available as an off-the-shelf GIS product or via a streaming web service.