TCarta Marine Basemap

TCarta Marine Basemap

For many applications, a simple and aesthetically pleasing basemap is all that is required. TCarta currently offers a suite of basemap products at global (400m), regional (90m), and local (30m) scales.

Whether it′s for viewing maritime operations, overlaying data, providing context to projects, situational awareness, or simply providing a backdrop for printed maps, TCarta Marine Basemaps deliver a uniform backdrop for marine GIS applications throughout an organization by providing an alternative to coarse publicly available marine basemaps.

TCarta Global Marine Basemap

Industrial Applications

  • Coastal Defense
  • Environmental Management
  • Commercial and Sport Fishing
  • Insurance / Risk Management
  • Asset Tracking
  • Oil & Gas
  • Tidal and Wind Energy
  • Mobile Applications

TCartaRegional Marine Basemap, UK


Global Marine Basemap

The TCarta Global Marine Basemap is derived from the best available bathymetry products to create an engaging backdrop with more robust information than any publicly available sources.

Depth contours, marine feature labels, and the TCarta1:60,000 Global Vector Shoreline are included to supplement the perfect backdrop for marine and coastal GIS applications.

Subscribers to the TCartaBasemap service receive systematic updates as new data and features are continually integrated into the suite.

TCarta Marine Basemap Plus, Mediterranean


Key Features:

  • Scale-dependent display
  • Aesthetic backdrop for daily work
  • Quick display and redraw
  • Usable information in a basemap
  • Low-cost annual subscriptions
  • Offline and Enterprise installations
  • Available for developers and app deployment

Regional Marine Basemaps

TCarta also offers regional Marine Basemaps, providing clients with a more detailed backdrop for their GIS applications.

Regional models include increased contour density and detail, an extended marine feature dataset, and improved shorelines.

TCarta Marine Basemap, Arabian Peninsula


Marine Basemap Plus

For clients who want to add analysis capabilities to their basemap, TCarta offers a Basemap Plus option.

Subscribers to this service receive the standard backdrop for either global or regional models complete with contours, shoreline, and marine features. In addition, the Basemap Plus adds robust elevation data to the service, providing a complete turn-key GIS data package for analysis. Basemap Plus provides the best available uniform bathymetry data across an organization without the need to manage the data.

Formatting and Availability

Basemaps are available as a streaming subscription service via Web Mapping Tile Service (WMTS) or Web Mapping Service (WMS), static images, printed maps, and GeoPDFs. Additionally, TCarta APIs can be embedded into client applications.

Try the TCarta Demo Basemap

This demo basemap is for demonstration purposes only. It is not intended for any use or integration beyond these purposes without explicit written consent from TCarta. For additional questions about this product or demo please send inquiries to