Global GIS Bathymetry Package

Global GIS Bathymetry Package

Global GIS Bathymetry Package, Atlantic Ocean


The Global GIS Bathymetry Package provides a level of detail superior to public domain data for areas throughout the world. The GIS data package includes a Digital Bathymetry Model (DBM) with spot-depth values, contour lines, and high-resolution shoreline.



This product is derived from a multitude of data sources including nautical charts, single- and multibeam survey data, Lidar, satellite derived bathymetry, altimetry data, seismic survey derived depths, and other sources.

TCarta has long been the industry leader in providing bathymetry data solutions to fit individual client needs and providing data for a wide variety of applications. With bathymetry data available at 1m to 90m resolution and vast data coverage, TCarta can stream high-value turn-key bathymetric products directly into your GIS and modeling workflows with minimal end-user effort.

Applications for Global GIS Bathymetry Package include:

Global GIS Bathymetry Package

Global GIS Bathymetry Package, Gulf of Mexico

  • Offshore geological analysis
  • Pipeline routing
  • Fisheries evaluation
  • Fresh-water lens drilling
  • Tidal energy project siting
  • Wind turbine siting
  • Marine archaeology
  • Tsunami modelling
  • Gold mining
  • Coastal defense analysis
  • De-salinization projects
  • Engineering projects
  • Dredging
  • Cable routing