TCarta celebrates 10 years of excellence!

  •  TCarta 10th Anniversary by Kyle Goodrich
    09 March 2018


    TCarta turns 10 years old this month, and we are celebrating serving hundreds of clients with projects around the world and our rewarding internal growth and development.

    Though born in 2008, TCarta’s origins go back to 2003 when I was working as a geologist conducting a structural analysis of a coastal location in Africa.  In attempting to project fault traces out into the nearshore, I went in search of bathymetry data to complement the SRTM DEM we were using onshore. Publicly available data was of no use, and I went in search of alternatives.  My “Ah-ha!” moment came months later upon finding a single topographic map which had a few bathymetric contour and depth points. Thus began a long pursuit of bathymetry data.                                       

    TCarta took nearly 2 years to compile our first 1 million soundings.  By contrast, with today’s exponential growth in data volumes and sensors, we edit out points by the millions, and our total holdings go well into the 10’s of billions of depth points around the world.

    While TCarta did not follow the typical start up location of the garage, it did originate in my basement as a stay-at-home Dad.  In the same years my first child has grown to be 10 years old, I have helped raise TCarta into a 20+ person, multinational company and I couldn’t be more proud of both.  TCarta has evolved with the times and new technologies to provide an ever-fresh approach to Remote Sensing and development of geospatial products.

                                                    Logo 2008

    TCarta has assisted in numerous GIS industry related projects--subsea cable laying, wind farm planning, major O&G projects, engineering, aquaculture, tsunami modeling, among many others--providing a quality fit-for-purpose product for numerous stages of industry workflows.


                                                                                          Logo 2014

    On the lighter side of providing seabed information over a decade are the numerous esoteric, sometimes humorous, inquiries into depth data.  With an open communication line via the internet, countless intrepid individuals, too, have inquired with TCarta on data for their projects and investigations.  TCarta has provided maps to school children studying the Mid-Ocean Ridge, supported several inquiries in pursuit of Atlantis (in 3 different locations!), numerous historical shipwreck seekers, sport and commercial fisherman looking for the next hotspot, and we are still in search of a wedding ring roughly 25 miles off the coast of Florida….

    TCarta has evolved throughout the years, changing with the times to pursue new sources and techniques for deriving and processing bathymetry data.  Merging in 2016 with the United Kingdom based Proteus Geo and David Critchley and Richard Flemmings as new business partners brought forth a new phase of international growth, exciting new skill sets, and pioneering projects to expand beyond bathymetric mapping and into developing innovative Earth Observation techniques to investigate marine and terrestrial habitats, aid in disaster recovery in the Caribbean, monitor carbon offset programs, and other exciting topics.

                                                        Logo 2018

    With 10 years in the rearview mirror I am ever more excited and enthusiastic on the new opportunities: growth, new talent and ideas, and expansion into new industries and applications and geographical markets.  

    I look forward to what the next 10 years bring and an ever-grateful for the support of TCarta’s team, our partner companies, and our customers.  I’d still be holed up in my basement without them!

    With Gratitude,

    Kyle Goodrich
    President & Founder