MH370 Renewed Search

  • MH370: Renewed Search

    The mysterious disappearance of flight MH370 on March 8, 2014 has captivated the imaginations of people around the world.  In today’s age of technology, many cannot imagine that an airplane could disappear with barely a trace.  The initial search entailed the largest bathymetric mapping collection program ever conducted and came up empty of evidence of the Boeing 777; although it did locate previously undiscovered shipwrecks, dramatic mountain ranges, and complex geologic faults.


    The price tag for the original search led by the Australian government exceeded $150M and was shared across several entities.  After extending the mission several times, it was ended in January 2017.  The Australian government released the bathymetry data to the public in 2017.  TCarta has incorporated these data into our ever-expanding global bathymetry database and marine geospatial products.  While there is little commercial interest in far flung areas of the ocean such as this, the data has provided intriguing scientific insight into marine spreading ridges and fracture zones.


    MH370: Renewed Search

    New Multibeam Echosounder survey data from MH370 search


    Recently an American company, Ocean Infinity, has been awarded a “no find, no fee” contract by the Malaysian government to restart the search for the missing airliner.  Using technological advances, new flight and ocean current modeling, and lessons learned from the initial search Ocean Infinity will have 90 days to discover the wreckage using its fleet of eight Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV).  The AUV are equipped with advanced geophysical sensors to detect even small objects and debris fields on the seabed.  Even with the most advanced marine sensing devices deployed and a “no find, no fee” motivation, it will take quite a bit of luck, as well, to find MH370 and bring a bit of peace to the victims’ family members.

    MH370: Renewed Search

    Renewed Search Area in Magenta, Previous Search Area in Yellow


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