Mapping the land-water boundary: a trip into the unknown

  • The land-water boundary is a particularly difficult area to map, and a crucial zone of global strategic and economic importance. Traditional on-site surveys can be prohibitively expensive and have associated health, safety and environmental risks. TCarta′s unique approach to combining marine and terrestrial elevation data provides clients with high-quality data to bridge this gap and serve a wide variety of industries and purposes.                                                                                                                   

    TCarta’s Topographic Bathymetry product combines land-based Digital Elevation Models (DEM) with Digital Bathymetry Model (DBM) data to create a seamless 3D elevation model of the land-water interface. Resolution can range from 90 meter to 2 meter data depending on the final use case and resolution required. High resolution models derived from commercial satellite imagery can provide the finite level of detail required for environmental, engineering or GEOINT applications. Alternatively, freely available satellite imagery can provide coarser scale solutions better suited to regional scale projects, at a more competitive price.

    Visit Explore.TCarta today to access sample data sets for both Al Aaliya Island, Qatar, as well as Bahía de Cortés, Cuba.


    Bahía de Cortés, Cuba | 90m GIS TopoBathy Package

    Al Aaliya Island, Qatar | 1m TopoBathy