Great Barrier Reef High Resolution Map

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    The Australian government recently released the first high-resolution map of the sea floor of the Great Barrier Reef, resulting from a 4-year scientific partnership between Geoscience Australia, James Cook University and the Australian Hydrographic Service.  This dataset marks the first in a series of planned releases that will “provide a detailed view of the marine geography of our northern coastline, assisting to maintain safety at sea, law enforcement and broader government and commercial operations,” states Minister for the Environment and Energy, Josh Frydenberg.


    Great Barrier Reef High Resolution Map

    30m Bathymetry from Geoscience Australia


    The high resolution data released unlocks opportunities for significant environmental and commercial applications; as Minister Frydenburg describes it, “This is a treasure trove of data and it will be put to a range of uses, including research into marine ecosystems and oceanographic and tidal modelling, which among other things helps better predict storm surges along the Queensland coast.”


    Great Barrier Reef High Resolution Map

    Left: Newly available 30m data | Right: Previous interpolated data at 90m resolution


    TCarta has incorporated this newly available data to bolster their Global GIS Package, high resolution regional bathymetry products, as well as their Marine Basemap. This amalgamation of high resolution products aim to assist in numerous applications such as environmental modelling, coastal infrastructure, and aquaculture and fishery management.


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    Australian Government - High-Resolution Depth Model for the Great Barrier Reef - 30m