Going green at work- Ways to make your office more environmentally friendly


    One of the most common myths for making businesses and the workplace greener is that it is ‘too expensive’. Green initiatives within the workplace do not need to be costly, and even small changes can make a large difference in reducing your companies carbon footprint. Here are some simple and easy tips to make your office greener. 


    1. Look at alternative way of commuting to work -public transport is a reliable way to get to work, and can often be cheaper than driving to work. Car pooling systems can also be worth considering for members of staff living in similar areas. Why not instal bike racks to encourage cycling, or consider working from home if possible.


    2. Only print when necessary - when printing documents at work ask yourself, ‘Do I really need a printed copy of this?’ Often printed paper ends up in bin when it could have either been accessed online or didn’t need printing. Documents could also be double sided to further reduce paper usage. If something really does need printing, make sure it only the relevant pages are printed or share files on online platforms instead.


    3. Ensure all electronics and lights are off when not in use and at the end of the day - turning off lights and computers when not being used can save a lot of energy, even low power/standby modes can still use a large amount of energy.

    4. Take coffee from home for the commute or ask for it in your own travel mug - Taking coffee in a flask from home or getting it in a travel cup prevents cups from ending up in landfills and can save you money!


    5.Reduce plastic consumption for lunches and by using reusable water bottles -pre made lunches avoid having to buy plastic heavy ‘meal deal’ items. Providing cutlery, plates and glasses also helps.



    6. Add office green spaces -this can be as simple as adding a few plants to the office or incorporating green areas directly outside the office.


    7. Buy eco-friendly supplies for the office -even office supplies can often be environmentally damaging (such as pens or teabags) so it's always best to check what your office supplies are made from.


    8.Use environmentally friendly paper for marketing leaflets - paper created from recycled items can be a good environmental friendly way of creating marketing material. Alternatively leaflets could be offered via email rather than printing them.


    9.Offer training programmes for staff on how to be sustainable -events such as ‘lunch and learns’ or sending members of staff on sustainable courses/events can help get members of the office discussing sustainability, increasing chances of green initiative success.


    10.Appoint someone in the office as a green rep to ensure sustainable initiatives are carried through -these can also be people who other members of the office can go to if they have an additional ideas on how to increase sustainability.



    Here in our Bristol office we make sure we recycle as much as we can, and reduce waste where appropriate. We are also aiming to reduce our carbon footprint by incorporating initiatives such as ‘Plastic Free Fridays’ and ‘Meat Free Mondays’. We are also investigating different possibilities for how we can increase the sustainability of our marketing material. Our green rep officer Amy Wright ensures that we keep on track with reducing our environmental impact. We also keep an eye on what other local business are doing and how we can get involved with other green initiatives.