Bothnian Sea Anomaly

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    Is it a natural phenomenon? Man Made? UFO??


    This 60 meter (200 feet) in diameter, 3-4 meters thick, under water circular feature, has given scientists and UFO “experts” a run for their money over the last few years. It was discovered in June of 2011 by “Ocean X Team” of Sweden, when they were in search of an old shipwreck. They plan to revisit the anomaly this year in hopes of gathering better images and side scans. The sonar images (shown above in grey) that they have collected have always been questioned if they have been altered or enhanced to make it look unnatural. But who knows until better images and data are collected.


    So what is it? It’s been suggested that could be a World War II anti-submarine device, sediment created by a fish trawler, a geologic formation from glaciers, and yes, even a UFO. Samples have been taken to identify what kind of rock or metal it is made of, yet still the answers are unclear of what exactly the formation is.

    Hopefully some answers will come, but until better data is collected…. My money is on a UFO.