Air Quality Modelling Feasibility Study successfully completed



    For the past year, TCarta has been working with King's College London to develop an Air Quality Modelling service. We are pleased to announce that the 9 month ESA ARTES 20 Feasibility Study has now been successfully completed with encouraging Proof of Concept results.

    Air quality is recognised as a major global health concern, gaining national and international media coverage on an almost daily basis. Increasing knowledge of how air pollution effects human health is vital to informed policy decision making.

    The World Health Organization estimates that ambient air pollution contributes to nearly 4.2 million deaths annually. Traffic related emissions being one of the the most important and contributing sources.

    Smart data = SMART cities

    The service offered by TCarta and King’s College uses very high resolution satellite data and detailed air pollution modelling techniques to create some of the most detailed air pollution maps ever produced for cities around the world.

    Spatial modelling of this kind is only possible through detailed knowledge of emissions sources, with vehicles being one of the most important. The road emissions are added to all other emissions sources both anthropogenic (industry, power generation, commercial and domestic fuel combustion, other mobile machinery) and biogenic to create the final air pollution maps and datasets.

    Example of annual mean NO2 concentrations

    Traffic counts, vehicle speeds, emissions and air pollution maps for the city will play an important part of the urban informatics for SMART cities, improving the efficiency of environmental services and planning. Detailed air Quality Models are essential to help plan for a sustainable future.

    Example of annual mean PM10 concentrations

    Data from every vehicle, on every road, over the whole planet. Data on this scale, with this resolution, has never been offered before.

    Web service

    These detailed air pollution models will be made available through our online web portal, showing how the geography of road networks define regional distributions of polluted air. These models are produced using a unique Earth Observation approach where bespoke algorithms calculate information about the vehicle fleet that occupies our urban centres.

    Our web service will allow users instant access to the air pollution data, benefiting customers in numerous ways across multiple sectors.

    Find out more about the feasibility study from TCarta and King’s College London on our dedicated webpage: Air Quality Modelling

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