A New Way to Explore Geospatial Data: explore.tcarta.com

  • The future of geospatial data is on the web. TCarta's new data interface, explore.tcarta.com, a portal for users to keep up-to-date on the most recent datasets offered, embraces this future.  At explore.tcarta.com you can take a tour of our marine sample data sets, learn more about our solutions, and easily request sample data and quotes on specific products. We built an app that places the complex world of bathymetric data in a more enjoyable interface.

    Explore Geospatial Data

    With the click of a button, you take a tour of our marine data sets and discover exactly what you need for your use case.

    We now stream our sample data sets right to our marine basemap, allowing you to view TCarta’s marine bathymetry at the same resolutions we offer, mapped to the real world.  This will allow users to actually see, for example, what 2m bathymetry data looks like and help them find the right resolution for their use case.

    Location is everything.  With this interface, it is easy to request quotes for data by drawing geometry right on the map.  Or, if a user already has a file defining their area of interest, they can drag and drop it into their web browser, which will submit one or multiple polygons along with your request.  This makes it easy to get answers about our data for your specific locations and get what is needed as quickly as possible.

    Explore Geospatial Data

    The extent of TCarta’s data is global and explore.tcarta.com reflects that.  Here, you can keep watch for new products and sample data sets from around the world.

    “Our technical capabilities are growing every day,” said Todd Jacobus, GIS technician and explore.tcarta.com developer, “and this site will be flexible and adaptable enough to keep up with the pace at which we are expanding.”  All recent product developments will go up first on explore.tcarta. Soon, for example, we will offer more information about some new products just finishing development, while including samples streamed directly along with our basemap.  

    In addition to the most current data, we’re building a way to bring users news and relevant social media, illustrating advances in technology or highlighting problems our data can help solve.  You will be able read how TCarta is helping with mangrove conservation efforts, or the hunt for lost shipwrecks, all geolocated to places on the globe.

    We are also expanding our web services and plan to offer data sets streamable over OGC acceptable formats, such as WMS (web mapping service), WCS (web coverage service) and WFS (web feature service).  This will allow users to stream analysis-ready data directly to a GIS platform of choice.

    TCarta’s efforts to provide the best geospatial data available are picking up pace quickly while there are many more interesting developments pending in the near future.  Explore.tcarta.com will now be one of the best ways to keep up with developments at TCarta!