Red Sea Bathymetry now available

  • Saudi Arabia has announced their Red Sea tourism project this week. Covering over 34,000 square kilometres and 50 islands, this will open up a very large stretch of coastline for luxury tourism. Currently at planning stage, the first phase is expected to commence during 2019 and complete in 2022. The development will include hotels, residential units and air, land, and sea transport hubs.

    2m Bathymetry Red Sea

    It is an exciting project for the region that will showcase the use of high-quality geospatial marine data products as the foundation for planning and decision making.

    TCarta has a significant archive of bathymetry data instantly available in the Saudi Arabian Red Sea, with the level of detail constantly being improved. We are working with our partners DHI to create detailed bathymetry of the Saudi Arabian coastline and offshore islands from DigitalGlobe satellite imagery. Satellite derived bathymetry work on this region commenced in early 2017, with the entire Saudi Arabia coastline due for completion in early 2018.  All data will be available for immediate access in The Bathymetrics Data Portal, which will be launched in September 2017.

    We have included a detailed fly through of a section of the Red Sea coast (below), but if you would like a sample dataset of this area prior to the launch of The Bathymetrics Data Portal then please contact us