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TCarta is a leading global provider of innovative geospatial products and Earth observation analysis services...

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  • Satellite Derived Bathymetry

    Satellite Derived Bathymetry

    TCarta's global Satellite Derived Bathymetry dataset allows users to access... Learn more

  • Global GIS Bathymetry Package

    Global GIS Bathymetry Package

    The interpolated Global GIS Bathymetry Package is perfect for users who need data... Learn more

  • TCarta Marine Basemap

    TCarta Marine Basemap

    The TCarta Marine Basemap is the choice for users who are in need of an aesthetically... Learn more

  • Vector Shoreline

    Vector Shoreline

    The world's most dynamic environments are now easier to monitor and manage with... Learn more

  • Topographic Bathymetry

    Topographic Bathymetry

    Topo bathymetry products provide a seamless combined elevation model for marine... Learn more

  • Water Quality Monitoring

    Water Quality Monitoring

    TCarta offers a competitive Water Quality Monitoring service at varying intervals Learn more

  • Land Use Land Cover Mapping

    Land Use Land Cover Mapping

    Urban development constantly changes the face of our planet. Satellite imagery can be used... Learn more

  • Air Quality Modelling

    Air Quality Modelling

    Air quality data, grounded in innovative analytics, to improve real decision making. Learn more

  • Data is the lifeblood of sustainable Development, Planning and Investment. TCarta leads the way in inventing new data products like Satellite Derived Bathymetry that have huge significance for better understanding and managing marine and coastal resources for coastal communities and small island developing states worldwide.

    Mark Sorensen, GPC Group
  • We have found worldwide bathymetry databases to have occasional major errors for coastal seas, but TCarta's products are not only correct but of excellent resolution and make a big difference in the quality of our modeling products.

    Jack Rensel, Biological oceanographer, AquaModel
  • I have been very impressed with the TCarta team over the years! Their quality of service, proposals and products are exactly what we need at AECOM to support our wide portfolio of projects.

    Kenny Monteath, Regional Director - Geospatial & Data Services, Environment & Ground Engineering, AECOM
  • Our Resources

    • Oct 19th, 2019

      SDB vs. Chart Data

      TCarta offers multiple ways that bathymetry can be produced. Here is an example of two of our products, side-by-side, in the same water body.

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    • Oct 12th, 2019

      Artifact in Abu Dhabi Waters

      This artifact was identified in imagery collected by Maxar’s WorldView-3 satellite in the shallow waters around Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.While we contemplated whether the artifact could be part of an elaborate engagement, this view like

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    • Oct 04th, 2019

      Air Quality Traffic

      TCarta provides innovative Air, Land and Marine geospatial products and services. Stay tuned for our updates on Air Quality Modelling which will be available next week.

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    • Jun 14th, 2019

      1m Digital Surface Modelling over Doha, Qatar

      This image details a 1 meter resolution Digital Surface Model over the Al Mansoura neighbourhood, Doha, Qatar.

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